Hi friends, I have separate git repos for dbt and...
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Hi friends, I have separate git repos for dbt and prefect. Iā€™d like to start using prefect to schedule dbt runs but trying to understand how best to do that. Should I just make prefect first do a
git clone
of the dbt repo? Currently just using dbt cloud to run on a schedule but thinking of moving away from that towards the above solution.
I added a prefect flow to my dbt repo that uses prefect-dbt tasks and blocks, with the github storage block so it gets cloned at flow run time. That way when the flow runs, it can point to dbt projects that are in adjacent folders.
you can use the GitHub block for it
a blog post about it is on my radar, and will be out in 1-2 weeks
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Thank you both
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Git submodules suck to deal with, but can work.
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Hi @Anna Geller! Did this blog post come out? I'm dealing with the same question and it's not clear to me exactly what (agent? Orion API? flow container?) gets access to the storage block. Would love to read more to better understand.
yup it did https://medium.com/the-prefect-blog/modular-data-stack-build-a-data-platform-with-prefect-dbt-and-snowflake-part-6-7e6d69296649 shameless self-promotion, but you can subscribe on Medium to me and Prefect blog to get email notification any time we ship a new post šŸš€
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