would redis (<https://hub.docker.com/r/ubuntu/redi...
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would redis (https://hub.docker.com/r/ubuntu/redis) be compatible?
Probably yes, I remember someone talking about using Redis for that, let me see if I can find the relevant thread
so redis is on the roadmap but not ready yet... how do you use the current kv storage option?
is there any example?
no example yet, we are actively working on that - you'll likely see more updates about that in the next weeks
looking forward to that
all in all the experience of setting up a orion test environment that goes beyond local execution is currently pretty frustrating as the documentation lacks detail
I'll take a look, thanks!
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the video shows how to set up AWS S3, but I'd like to use a local S3 storage such as minio or ceph.
Is this already supported?
would cloud need to have direct access to the storage?
what is minio or ceph?
Orion supports fsspec, so I'd say it should work:
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    async def create_deployment(
        self, client: OrionClient, validate: bool = True
    ) -> UUID:
        Create a deployment from the current specification.
        if validate:
            await self.validate()

        flow_id = await client.create_flow(self.flow)

        # Read the flow file
        with fsspec.open(self.flow_location, "rb") as flow_file:
            flow_bytes = flow_file.read()
We are fspec to connect to S3 compatible storage on prem. I already extended prefect-aws to support s3 compatible storage as well. I think all the piece are
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@Anna Geller they are S3 compatible storage that you can use onprem or host on kubernetes Usually you need to setup the endpoint_url on boto3 client https://boto3.amazonaws.com/v1/documentation/api/latest/reference/core/session.html
where do you configure the endpoint url? I don't manually handle the boto3 session anywhere, its called through the storage