Hey - trying to figure out the ci/cd for prefect 2...
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Hey - trying to figure out the ci/cd for prefect 2 Everything I’ve read so far is about creating deployments from flows - that’s fine but what about customised deployments? I figured the approach now is one flow many deployments per flow, so custom deploys would need to be written (i.e. passing in the parameters, the name of the deployment etc.) Options considered: • devs create the .yml and github actions or the like will apply those on deployment (e.g. refresh_some_dbt_subdag, model_selector=something) • create deployments from python files Is there any place I can look for how custom deployments can be managed?
I'm AFK but you could check two repos in my GitHub, one named dataflow-ops that automatically detects changes and creates deployments only for flows that changed, and prefect-dataplatform uses simple deploy scripts Henning also contributed a cool recipe, let me find it