04/29/2022, 10:19 AM
Hey Guys, I’m just getting started with prefect and I have a flow that uses custom modules. These modules are in the same directory as my flow script, and I do several
from my_module import my_function
within the flow script. Now here’s the thing; I have registered the flow and started my local agent. When I try to trigger the job to run from the prefect UI, I get the message:
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Failed to load and execute flow run: FlowStorageError('An error occurred while unpickling the flow:\n ModuleNotFoundError("No module named \'extract_strings\'")\nThis may be due to a missing Python module in your current environment. Please ensure you have all required flow dependencies installed.')
The `extract_strings`function is defined in another module in the same director. Can anyone help?

Anna Geller

04/29/2022, 10:59 AM
Hi Izu, welcome to Prefect! We have this detailed Discourse topic about the issue. But let us know if you are still having difficulties after trying the solutions shown there