Ahmed Ezzat

10/29/2022, 12:23 AM
I saw a new feature to restart flows from failed/crashed state getting released a while ago but I can't find it from UI or it's still not ready?

Anna Geller

10/29/2022, 1:14 AM
What's your output of the prefect version command? It should be available now from the Cloud UI as well If you could provide more details and a screenshot that would help

Ahmed Ezzat

10/29/2022, 1:59 AM
I'm using prefect cloud
@Anna Geller Can you please state where I can find it ?


10/29/2022, 5:42 AM
Hi @Ahmed Ezzat - the button is on the flow run page for runs in a terminal (crashed, failed or completed states). We’ve seen users have issues with caching so if you still don’t see it, please try the following
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1. Open the dev console 2. Go to Application 3. Select Storage 4. Make sure 'Unregister service workers' is selected 5. Click 'Clear site data' and then refresh the screen. I made a little video to help with that: h
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