Hi, Do you have example of building flow to AWS S3...
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Hi, Do you have example of building flow to AWS S3 with credentials like aws token? The example in doc does not have credentials
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from prefect import Flow
from prefect.storage import S3

flow = Flow("s3-flow", storage=S3(bucket="<my-bucket>"))
For registering and uploading, you would just authenticate on the machine you’re working on. You can just do
aws configure
and add your info there, On the pull, you can use secrets. There is a default secret for
that Prefect can use for AWS connections listed here
There is an example there for the syntax of the Prefect secret
what agent type do you use? e.g. Kubernetes agent and ECS agent require a different way of providing S3 permissions than a local agent
ECS agent
in that case, you need to specify permissions using a task role (IAM role). Check this example and this blog post for more details on how to set this up
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