Hi all, we are using `prefect server` for local de...
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Hi all, we are using
prefect server
for local development and
prefect cloud
for production which is quite neat in terms of speed. When doing this we set the --external-postgres flag in order to use our development database, which works great! However we are using Hasura for our other backend service which creates some git-pain as Prefect overwrites our local Hasura metadata files. Have anyone run into the same problem ?
Hey @Rasmus Lindqvist, normally users just stick to Prefect Cloud/Prefect Server and don’t often have this set-up where they toggle back and forth. So you really could just stick to Cloud and have dev projects. Realistically, the pricing in Cloud is cheap enough that it would save you time not worrying about Server.
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Good point! Thank you we will evaluate that 🙂 We have however noticed that cloud can be a bit slower (for natural reasons of course), so for those reason we chose to go for server for local development to increase the iteration speed, but I get your point.
But why would Hasura metadata files be in Git? A bit confused on that as well
Yeah sorry maybe explained it a bit confusingly. When developing we start up a docker-compose with our postgres-db and our Hasura service, and configure the prefect server to connect to the postgres-db. Since Prefect is using Hasura as well, our Hasura files get’s overwritten which creates a lot of git diffs. So it’s not that the Hasura files end up in git but rather that the that it creates a lot of diffs and a lot of noise. I’m not 100 % sure what creates this behavior, but I believe it is that Hasura console connects to both our and Prefects graph-ql engine. So it would be neat to set a flag for a different name on the prefects graph-ql engine. But I think I will be able to solve it quite easily, and thanks for the input on using cloud completely instead as well 🙂
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