Hi. Quick question: I have received an error for P...
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Hi. Quick question: I have received an error for Prefect 1.x because my order of returned parameters was a little bit messed up, interchanged 3 parameters for a prefect task and one ended up missing. And the error I got was pretty weird, something in the lines of `ValueError: Could not infer an active Flow context while creating edge to <Task: Task1>. This often means you called a task outside a
with Flow(...)
block. If you're trying to run this task outside of a Flow context, you need to call `GetItem(...).run(...)`` . All in all error was because of missing params from function call. Could you make the error a little bit more helpful ? Or specific ? ...... Or am I missing something ?
Hi Andrei. Thank you for raising. We’re always looking to make error messages more helpful - sometimes it’s quite tricky. Development resources for such things are primarily going toward Prefect 2 - you might find the error messages are more helpful, too. 🙂
Ok thank you!
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