#Prefect 2.0 Any Idea why I'm getting this error ...
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#Prefect 2.0 Any Idea why I'm getting this error while starting prefect agent in docker. Prefect 2.0?
Hi Faheem, can you share
prefect version
? You may try running your agent in a local process, e.g. in a virtual environment, instead of running it in Docker - this may be easier if you run it in Docker, you need to think about network - e.g. run both Orion API server and agent in the same Docker network
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Thanks @Anna Geller, it was docker networking issue, got it working by changing prefect_api_url to service name i.e. prefect-server1 instead of localhost.
I have created deployment, work queue >> started prefect agent >> and ran a flow in python script but I don't see any activity on UI, Any idea?
python code
from prefect import flow
@flow def common_flow(config: dict): print("I am a subgraph that shows up in lots of places!") intermediate_result = 42 return intermediate_result @flow def main_flow(): # do some things # then call another flow function data = common_flow(config={}) # do more things flow_state = main_flow()
nothing is showing up on UI
I believe that's the problem I meant - you now have 2 prefect versions, one running locally and one in Docker I'd recommend running it without Docker if possible for simplicity, at least at first
Alternatively you can sign up for Cloud 2.0 (for free) beta.prefect.io
also, to be transparent, there is a bug when running the UI on Windows which got fixed and will get released next week
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