Hi all, I'm switching to DockerRun (image on Azure...
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Hi all, I'm switching to DockerRun (image on Azure container registry) and GitStorage (github) on Prefect 2.0. I'm running into an ValueError error when attempting to run a flow. It doesn't throw an error on a specific task so I'm not sure where the problem lays. My runs agent on a VM that is authenticated with "docker login myregistry.azurecr.io". The agent shows that, for the run, the image was succesfully pulled. Any pointers where the issue could be? Thanks!
This is the code building the flow
all that you shared is for Prefect 1.0 - if you are confused about it, check this can you try using GitHub instead of Git storage and store your GitHub personal access token as GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN in your Prefect Cloud Secrets?
Oh, I thought I was using 2.0, apologies. I'll check out 2.0!
Switched to GitHub storage, same error
testing locally works fine
I found my issue. I wasn't properly passing through an environment variable to the Dockerfile necessary to pull the image.
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awesome, thanks for the update, glad you were able to fix it!