David Maier

06/10/2022, 8:58 AM
Prefect Cloud 1.0 gives me the error message `Something went wrong. Please wait a few moments and try again.`when I try to enable a schedule. My flow was registered with a simple IntervalSchedule. How would I debug that?

Anna Geller

06/10/2022, 11:28 AM
This user had the same error and the problem was that he didn't pass schedule as a flow parameter - can you try the same?
Also, if you are new to Prefect, you may start directly with Prefect 2.0
moving your other messages into the same thread to clean up the Slack thread
I am quite new to Prefect, but my understanding is that the Scheduler service is independent from the agent service. I thought that the scheduler is hosted within Prefect Cloud. Here also the code snippet of my schedule:
today =
sunday = today + datetime.timedelta((calendar.SUNDAY - today.weekday()) % 7)
schedule = IntervalSchedule(start_date=sunday, interval=timedelta(weeks=1))
OK, found it. Seems there was an exception at registration time that I missed for whatever reason. The following works now:
today =
sunday = today + datetime.timedelta((calendar.SUNDAY - today.weekday()) % 7)
sunday_with_time = datetime.datetime(year=sunday.year, month=sunday.month,
schedule = IntervalSchedule(start_date=sunday_with_time, interval=timedelta(weeks=1))
ok, so looks like it's solved for you - LMK if not