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Chris Reuter

06/06/2022, 12:14 PM
Hey all! šŸ‘‹ No PrefectLive this week, we'll be back on the 15th of June. Here's what's happening over the next 2 weeks: ā€¢ We're at MLOps World 2022 in Toronto on Thursday June 9th! Join @Serina, @ilanajacobs and @Allie Duff as they will be be demoing Prefect and giving out free swag. Hope to see you there! ā€¢ This Friday, join @Jeremiah, @Chris White and myself for a Fireside Chat where we'll cover the latest in Prefect 2.0. Register to remember! ā€¢ For those in Berlin, don't forget to check out the Prefect Community meetup hosted by LiveEO at 18:30 CEST! Register for details šŸ‘‰ here. ā€¢ We're co-hosting Data After Dark at the Snowflake ā„ļø Summit! If you're at the Summit (or even just live in Vegas), join us alongside Hex, Hightouch, Monte Carlo, Snowplow and Atlan starting at 9:30p on Tuesday June 14th for drinks, music & fun.
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