# prefect-community

Kevin Otte

06/05/2022, 1:29 PM
I've been manually running prefect locally on my machine with good success. It's only a few tasks in a single workflow and I haven't really attached a dependency structure. Im now interested in moving this somewhere that enables me to run it on a schedule everyday without relying on my local machine. Is prefect cloud the right solution? If so, what's the best way to kick that process off? If not, is self-hosting an option and how can I achieve it?

Kevin Kho

06/05/2022, 4:08 PM
Cloud or Server is just the orchestration layer, not the execution so you still need to spin up and agent in a VM. Orion (Prefect 2.0) makes it a lot easier to run without a permanent agent. You can just call your flow and as long as it’s pointing to the right API, it will show up in the UI. You can also use Cloud 2.0 which is in beta right now for free. Cloud 1.0 has a generous free tier too at 20k task runs a month