Hi Prefect Team, I am using Linux System and Prefe...
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Hi Prefect Team, I am using Linux System and Prefect v2. I want to confirm a few things regarding deployment. I see that when I run the following command - 'prefect deployment create XYZ.py' I noticed that it is also running the flow and task. Is this expected? I assumed that deployment create would only create the deployment or update it. This happens even though my cron schedule setting is in the future.
You are still calling the flow in the script. If you remove that line or comment it out, it won’t run it.
I see but if I remove the flow_location then the deployment wouldn't make sense? Either ways I would have to compile it inorder for the agent to pick up ? Also, regarding scheduling my cron schedule is meant to run at 6 AM EST but the UI is miss leading in terms of the time. Can you let me know what this Started After and Started Before is used for?
Started After and Started Before is going away because it’s so confusing. It’s about the start and end of a group of bars in the UI. It’s not intuitive so it will be removed in the next version. You don’t remove the flow location. It’s like this:
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def abc():

abc() # remove this line when you deploy
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Thanks @Kevin Kho