Hi, How do I display the individual flow names wit...
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Hi, How do I display the individual flow names within a Flow-of-Flows in the Prefect Cloud ? I read the documentation https://docs.prefect.io/core/idioms/flow-to-flow.html . But, when I create and register my flow-of-flows in the Prefect cloud, the only task.names that are displayed are “create_flow_run” and “wait_for_flow_run” . What am I doing wrong? Here is my code: with Flow(name="Test-Orchestration-Pipeline") as f: Flow_A = create_flow_run(flow_name="Export Data Flow A", project_name="Data Export", run_name="Export_Flow_A") wait_for_flow_A = wait_for_flow_run(Flow_A, raise_final_state=True) Flow_B = create_flow_run(flow_name="Export Data Flow B", project_name="Data Export", run_name="Export_Flow_B") wait_for_flow_B = wait_for_flow_run(Flow_B, raise_final_state=True) Flow_B.set_upstream(wait_for_flow_A) Prefect Cloud
Thanks Anna. Your solution works great! 👏
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