Hi there everyone! :wave: A quick rundown of even...
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Hi there everyone! šŸ‘‹ A quick rundown of events over the next 2 weeks: ā€¢ Today at 1p Eastern! Join @Kalise Richmond for another beginners demo of Prefect. šŸ‘‰ Register here ā€¢ @Anna Geller is the featured guest on PrefectLive this week! Join us on Twitch at 3p Eastern on Wednesday. ā€¢ Also Wednesday in St. Louis, the pizza patrol is sponsoring Big Data Breakouts. Head on down to the Showroom at CIC St. Louis at 5:30p local. ā€¢ Next Friday June 10th, join @Jeremiah and @Chris White for a fireside chat on what we've been up to with Prefect 2.0. šŸ‘‰ Register here!
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