# best-practices

Parwez Noori

05/26/2022, 3:39 PM
We were considering the following architecture in Azure: 1. Prefect Cloud 2. Azure container instances (as execution layer) However we have some issues when running the containers on Azure. Does anybody know any good tutorials in form of articles or videos that uses the Docker Agent with Docker? Furthermore, we are also considering the scalability of this setup in the long run. I assume that most deploy their own prefect server to kubernetes together with many pods as the execution layer. However, if we wanted to start smaller due to the cost. What could be a viable solution on Azure?

Kevin Kho

05/26/2022, 3:43 PM
I may be wrong here but I don’t think you can use ACI as the execution layer. The Docker Agent would sit on a VM, and then deploy Docker containers inside the VM and that would be the better place to start. If you are on Cloud, you don’t need to deploy server. Yes Prefect with AKS would be the more common set-up.

Parwez Noori

05/26/2022, 3:46 PM
Thanks you. I will try to setup a VM.