Hey everyone! I am currently evaluating the use of...
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Hey everyone! I am currently evaluating the use of Prefect Cloud as the main workflow automation tool for a client. I have been trying to find details on where exactly the servers would be hosted, but information seems scarce on the website on that topic. Because of EU privacy laws, guaranteeing that our data never leaves the EU is a must-have requirement. Did I miss something on the Prefect website, or is there maybe someone here with similar issues? Thanks a lot 🙂
Great question, I'm also from Germany so I understand your GDPR pain :) Prefect has innovated the hybrid execution model that keeps your code and data private while still taking full advantage of a managed workflow orchestration service in Prefect Cloud. This hybrid model provides cloud convenience with on-prem security. It all sounds a bit like marketing language, so let's explain it more down to earth: • your orchestration layer is Prefect Cloud • your execution layer i.e. your agents live on your infrastructure • both communicate purely via outbound requests from your agents to Cloud API - never in the other direction - this way, your code and data never leaves EU and Prefect also never sees your code or data, it operates purely on metadata
Great, thanks a lot for that very extensive answer. That is very helpful! 🙂
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