Hi! Should child flow be registered in the schedul...
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Hi! Should child flow be registered in the scheduled Flow each time? (Prefect version 1.2)
You dont need to unless there are changes
Sorry, when you say means- it is when my child flows' parameters changes or flows' tasks make some changes
It has been 210 seconds and your flow run has not been submitted by an agent. There are no healthy agents in your tenant and it does not look like an agent with the required labels has been run recently. Start an agent with labels {'LAPTOP-xxx'} to run your flow.
I am getting this messages
If the flow task makes some changes, then you need to re-register. But this looks like a label issue
Here is my code.This is for etl process For reference. Child is running itself(copying data from one db to another db). but when I put it inside the parent it stopped working.(not copying data running only once)
You child flow has a bunch of things off with it. Is that
a Resource Manager? Basically everything inside the Flow should be a task. You can’t do
like that. You need to use the Prefect tasks. Print statements are also evaluated during flow registration time, not runtime. You shouldn’t both register and run the parent flow. Once you register with Cloud, you can trigger the run from the UI.
This is why the
statements are just showing
<Task: ..>
. You need to print inside a task or use the Prefect logger
But the issue here is the “stuck in scheduled”. There is a write-up above I linked that will help you
yes there is 2 connections to 2 different postgre_dbs Oh it was useful to share conditionals I didnot know it. Ok I will try once more . Thank you for help!