Hi. I'm using client 2.0b4 and orion cloud. Got pr...
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Hi. I'm using client 2.0b4 and orion cloud. Got problem recently with the same setup, my agent fails to pick up runs from queue. All IDs are correct (was working fine for weeks), yet it keeps on failing. What's wrong?
httpx.HTTPStatusError: Server error '500 Internal Server Error' for url '<https://api-beta.prefect.io/api/accounts/ff4de07a-3c0a-4831-a96f-236ce6513b52/workspaces/c36fd28e-d969-4a32-bb11-0f7712f96635/work_queues/cfbcef84-6668-41ff-83dd-0053055deffb/get_runs>'
Could you give us more info here? Does the agent fail to pick up runs or does the agent pick up runs successfully but fails to deploy those runs to your flow runner infrastructure?
Yea my agent is set out to listen using CLI:
prefect agent start cfbcef84-6668-41ff-83dd-0053055deffb
and then immediately shut down due to the Exception. Lemme attach a picture for clearance.
thx, can you also send the output of
prefect version
on the same VM/machine?
Here is its output.
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Version:             2.0b5
API version:         0.3.1
Python version:      3.10.4
Git commit:          7b27c7cf
Built:               Tue, May 17, 2022 4:54 PM
OS/Arch:             linux/x86_64
Profile:             default
Server type:         hosted
can you try restarting this agent process?
could be some transient issue connecting to the API
Yea sure. Actually I deployed in docker-compose so my container has repeatedly been retrying this over and over again. Lemme try changing API KEY and recreate scheduler.
@Anna Geller It's working 😉 Thank you Anna.
awesome, nice work!
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@Anna Geller I saw what you asked and deleted so I'll answer it anyway :)) I created a new API KEY and new scheduler on from cloud UI. Don't know which is necessary and which is not but it worked after all.
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