# prefect-server

Benson Mwangi

05/22/2022, 2:31 AM
Hello, I have a prefect flow that I'm interacting with via the graphql API and it works perfectly. Now, I was wondering if it's possible to prefix the flow ID (i.e.when deploying the flow pre-fix the ID). I know this is counter intuative as this would mean there's no versioning of flows (i.e. perhaps the flow version is always the same). However, the reason I'm looking for this option is because my flows are executing tasks triggered through some APPS and I would not want to change the flow ID in each app whenever a flow is resubmitted. In short, is there a way to keep the flow ID constant or somewhat pre-fix it? Also, just for context I'm running a self-hosted prefect server. Looking forward and many thanks in advance.

Kevin Kho

05/22/2022, 2:48 AM
The flow group ID is constant across versions. Would that help?