In prefect orion UI I find the timeline really har...
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In prefect orion UI I find the timeline really hard to read because the date axis lacks clear date and time markers, also the histogram bars are splitted in a really weird way. Instead of splitting by whole time units like days, hours, seconds etc.. depending on the zoom level, they are splitted by an arbitrary amount of time which is very hard to read and not so useful. Are there planned improvements on the histogram ? A non exhaustive list of improvements I'd like : • split time by whole units of time to make it more readable • ability zoom in/ou quickly with click/drag or -/+ buttons without having to open the filters • emphasize the x - axis time markers, e.g add markers on whole time unit limits like days, hours etc ... • ability to click on a bar to automatically drill through the related flow runs
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thank you, I'll forward it to the UI team
we appreciate your feedback