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Alvaro Durán Tovar

05/18/2022, 1:22 PM
Hi, Given a registered flow can I easily modify one of it's parameters via graphql? Ideally creating a new version of the flow
my idea is: 1. setup a flow that will run a k8s job 2. independently develop on another project, and on CI after building a new docker image update reference of a parameter setup on 1)

Kevin Kho

05/18/2022, 2:07 PM
I don’t think this is easy. You will need to query for the
, and then edit it, and then register it. But you’d be editing JSON, so it’s a lot easier to do it from the Python interface. You can attach a schedule with a parameter, but that doesn’t bump up the version. You can also just invoke the flow with a parameter value maybe?
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prefect run ... --param KEY=VALUE

Alvaro Durán Tovar

05/18/2022, 4:43 PM
Won't work as will be scheduled
I'll try to re register through CI after building docker image