Davide at Evo

05/16/2022, 2:26 PM
Hi! I'm evaluating Prefect for our company and so far it's excellent, although (I'm using version 2) I'm stuck with k8s jobs not being able to pull images from my custom registry. Our deployment would take advantage of custom images at flow level to support custom packages deployed by a CI. You can specify an image KubernetesFlowRunner(namespace="prefect", image="my.registry:5001/something") but in the Orion branch I cannot find any code related to the imagePullSecrets config. Thanks!!
Got it by myself. As a workaround, add a default for sa user:
kubectl patch sa default -n prefect -p '"imagePullSecrets": [{"name": "gitlab-secret" }]'

Anna Geller

05/16/2022, 3:03 PM
nice work! the latest version also has the argument
👍 1