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Danilo Drobac

05/12/2022, 7:25 AM
Hi all Coming from an Airflow background and trying to make sense of how a full deployment looks for Prefect. In Airflow we have VM's that run the different services webserver and scheduler etc... In Prefect (2.0 I'm looking at), I have a Prefect Cloud account that runs the UI (the orion server), if I'm looking for deployment, do I need a VM that connects to the this via service-account (or API key?) and creates the work queues + agents? Additionally, on top of that, what is the recommended CI/CD development cycle for when somebody creates new flows + pushes them to a repo?

Florian Guily

05/12/2022, 8:37 AM
I'm still playing with prefect and have no background with airflow but i found this article that was interesting and could answer to some of your questions i hope !
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Anna Geller

05/12/2022, 10:09 AM
Check out this thread that will point you to the right resources incl. deploying your execution layer to either VM or Kubernetes Regarding architecture, Prefect 2.0 is very lightweight, there is only Postgres or SQLite backend, Orion web server and REST services used to interact between your client, server and the UI
@Danilo Drobac the post mentioned by Florian is for Prefect 1.0, if you start now it's more beneficial to use Prefect 2.0