Hey all ... I'm looking into Storage options for i...
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Hey all ... I'm looking into Storage options for integrating with a CICD pipeline. At this point, we have: 1. Agents running in AWS ECS Fargate under Local Storage 2. Github Actions to build a new docker image (with our flows on the image) and push/start to AWS ECS. As I look into automating the Flow registration process, I've come across (and am interested in) both the Github and AWS S3 Storage classes. Github looks easier, but I'm not sure I want to rely on Github uptime for my flow execution. AWS S3 seems a lot more reliable (plus my flows are on AWS ECS so if Amazon is having probs it's more likely to impact both. Any thoughts on Github vs AWS S3? What are you guys using?
And if I do use Github ... is the
mentioned in the setup documentation actually a Github deploy key? Is it a Personal Access Token set at the organization (not repo) level? Or ... ?
I am looking through the packaging-prefect-flows repo and found this.
Any thoughts on Github vs AWS S3?
both are reliable, it's a matter of personal preference. I found S3 often easier because this way Prefect can automatically upload your file to S3 during registration, with GitHub you always need to think about not forgetting to commit and push your changed flow before registering a new version access_token_secret is a Personal access token you can get here https://github.com/settings/tokens