Dear <#CL09KU1K7|prefect-community>! A few weeks ...
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Dear #prefect-community! A few weeks before I've published a blog post here, in which I've run Prefect Flows as Kubernetes Jobs. For that, I've used a Windows Container Workload. I've started as newbie with regard to Prefect, currently I've had to try several other use cases - but with regard to those one mentioned in my blog post, I've recognized some behaviour which I didn't expect: After triggering the Prefect Flow, the Workload at the Kubernetes Cluster is deployed successfully, but sometimes I get following warning:
Good question! Usually, such warnings and Lazarus processes are triggered when there is some issue with the execution layer. You don't need to attach the label when triggering a flow run via CLI when you attach it already on your run config, this should be enough:
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prefect run --name flow_name
and if you have multiple flows with the same name across projects, you need to also specify the project:
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prefect run --name flow_name --project xyz
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moving code block:
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import prefect
from prefect import task, Flow
from prefect.run_configs import KubernetesRun
def concerto_task():
    logger = prefect.context.get("logger")
    <|>("Hello world!")
with Flow("my-concerto-flow", run_config = KubernetesRun(job_template_path="deployConcerto.yaml", labels=["9bad561ac917"])) as flow:
@Anna Geller thank you for your quick answer (as always) 🙂 I'll try your suggestions 🙂
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