Hey folks! Kudos to Jean for this guide: <https://...
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Hey folks! Kudos to Jean for this guide: https://www.prefect.io/blog/deploying-prefect-flows-with-github-actions/?utm_campaign=community I wonder, are you planning any follow ups or additional examples for more complex workflows? I am trying to automate registering a flow using a
storage, something people using Prefect in production might find interesting. If there are any other posts or documentation on this topic I would appreciate if you can point me there.
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100%, more examples will follow but the plan was for those to be focused on Prefect 2.0
Thanks, got it! Honestly, it’s about time I start thinking about Prefect 2.0, so that works perfectly for me.
Awesome, anytime we post some examples or blog posts about the topic, those will be tagged with ci-cd so feel free to subscribe to this tag on Discourse to get an email notification
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