Hey guys, I am running into an issue in the prefec...
# prefect-ui
Hey guys, I am running into an issue in the prefect 2 cloud ui where I am getting 2 duplicated scheduled flow runs even though I only have 1 deployment scheduled to run for this flow. I also am unable to see where the duplicated run comes from. In the screenshots you can see that hulking-zebu is accounted for but efficient-muskox isn't:
Hmm.. so I had a look at the work queue and it looks like there are a bunch of duplicated flow runs. They aren't linked to any deployment so I'm guessing they are from a previous deployment. Does prefect cloud not automatically remove previously scheduled runs when a deployment is updated?
Prefect Cloud does remove old runs - we’ve had some issues with aggressive UI caching that could have caused this; if you revisit your UI are you still seeing the duplicates, or are they gone?
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