In Prefect v1, is there a way to set a label on a ...
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In Prefect v1, is there a way to set a label on a schedule through the UI? I see that the documentation mentions labels on clocks, the clock schemas in the serialization modules have label fields, but the UI and the GraphQL endpoint do not seem to recognize that clocks have labels. Am I missing something?
Hi @Jessica Smith I'm not sure that there's a different way to add labels to flow runs via clocks besides the labels parameter on clocks that you mentioned could you describe what outcome you're trying to achieve with labels here?
So we have a flow that exports files and sends them through sftp. We recently set up new agents in aws that have IP addresses that our partners haven't white listed. So we need this particular schedule to only run on certain agents, since those are white listed. But it's not a problem with the flow, just a schedule for a specific partner