Hi, I'm still evaluating if Prefect is the right ...
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Hi, I'm still evaluating if Prefect is the right tool for our team and I have a question about pricing. In the
tab it says first 20k task runs are free and the pricing page that is linked there doesn't mention anything at all about number of task runs. Could someone help me understand please how pricing works? The descriptions of our plan in the
tab and the plans in the pricing page are completely different. I would love to make Prefect work for us but I don't have an approval for the paid version until I'm confident that Prefect is the right tool for us. With the current setup we have plenty of issues and I'd love to break down the current tasks into smaller ones. However, with that I'd most likely go over the 20k monthly limit already at this point even before we start growing.
Hi Nace, the 20k free task run limit is for Prefect 1. It sounds like Prefect 2 would be a good fit for your use case. As explained in this post, you aren't billed for flow or task runs in Prefect 2 cloud and there are no maximums. So, you'd be free to break things down into smaller tasks without worrying about running into any limits. If you have any questions about trying Prefect 2, please let us know. We'd be happy to help you get up and running so you can evaluate whether Prefect is the right fit for your team.
Thank you, that helps a lot!
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