Can anyone point me at a support page for Prefect ...
# prefect-ui
Can anyone point me at a support page for Prefect Cloud (1.0) users who can't seem to sign up correctly? I have a collaborator who I've been trying to add for months and the password reset loop is just plain broken. Without an account, the user doesn't have access to a support chat. However, with an account, I also effectively don't have access to support, since it's stuck in "An agent is on the way." perpetually.
I know this is going to be a simple fix if we can just get ahold of a human.
Been like this for 15 minutes:
If it weren't for the dots moving, I would think that the page had frozen.
Hey @David McGuire in cases like this, especially for account issues, you can also reach out to through email, include the email he's signing up/in with and we can try getting this taken care of from there 😄
Much obliged.
No problem 😄
He's stuck in a password reset loop because the system thinks it's an Okta login and it's not.
Support email away, and copied the user, in case they don't want to take my word for it.
Brilliant, We'll follow up in the support case to get it taken care of 😄
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