Hi, I have a prefect-orion 2.50. prefect-agent 2.5...
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Hi, I have a prefect-orion 2.50. prefect-agent 2.5.0 and MinIO running on openshift. I have written a simple .py to create a deployment. The files are uploaded to minio and the script returns me a deployment ID but it doesnt seem to be registered on the server: the UI deployment panel is still blank. Any idea how to debug ? I’ve been trying for hours but couldnt solve it. thanks
👋 Have you set your
to the server’s IP? (including port and
You also need to set the
to your server’s IP on the server so that the UI directs client traffic to the correct API.
it seems that
was not enough
i had to use the CLI
prefect config set PREFECT_API_URL=…
and it worked…
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We don’t load settings from environment variables after import (generally) because we need to isolate settings at a more granular level than that.
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Hello. Raising this thread from the dead. 🧟‍♂️ - had to resort to this same solution - this is not great because I wanted to write tests where the deployments get tested with S3 locally but then the final placement changes.
I’m a little confused by the problem here. Can you not set an environment variable before the script is run or use a different profile or use our
context manager?
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why yes sir;
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with prefect.settings.temporary_settings(updates={prefect.settings.PREFECT_API_URL: '<http://localhost:4200/api/'}>):
would be the Perfect solution
why this was not suggested to the previous person I don't know. would have done that.