Hi guys ! Quick question here, I see that the fre...
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Hi guys ! Quick question here, I see that the fresh new version Prefect 2.5 was available with new blocks like
. Great 🎉 ! However, after connecting to my prefect cloud environment no new block available and I could not find the way to find the Cloud UI current version. So my question was how can I retrieve the version from the cloud , and is there a way to update / rollback it manually ?
Yeah you would need to register the block, as described in the release post
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prefect block register -m prefect_gcp.credentials
prefect block register -m prefect_gcp.cloud_run
Cloud (server-side) is always on the latest version and supports all old clients automatically to check which version your client is on, run:
prefect version
to upgrade or downgrade your client, specify the version you want via pip, e.g.:
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pip install prefect==2.5
pip install prefect==2.4.5
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Hi there! I'm one of the devs that worked on the Cloud Run Job. I fixed a bug yesterday that is required for Cloud Run Jobs to function correctly, but it hasn't been released to the package yet. If you'd like to try Cloud Run Jobs, I recommend installing
from the main branch on github.
pip install git+<https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect-gcp.git>
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Great ! Thank you both for this information 🙏
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