Philip MacMenamin

10/04/2022, 6:12 PM
Is there any documentation on how to generate an API key for a self hosted graphql server?
I'm seeing this graphql:
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mutation {
  create_api_key(input: { user_id: <user_id>, name: "my-api-key" }) {
but I'm not sure where to get the user_id from (on a self hosted machine).
trying to connect to the graphql server
prefect agent local start --api IP_ADDRESS
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line 153, in _get_auth_tenant
    raise ValueError("You have not set an API key for authentication.")
ValueError: You have not set an API key for authentication.


10/04/2022, 6:35 PM
There are no API keys in the open source Prefect Server — there’s no authentication built in.
Have you set
prefect backend server
on your agent’s machine?

Philip MacMenamin

10/04/2022, 6:41 PM
oops, it appears that got set incorrectly. retried and receiving:
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[2022-10-04 18:40:12,679] INFO - agent | Registering agent...
and hang. No agents appear to be popping up on the web console.
specifically I tried:
prefect agent local start --api http://<IP_ADDR>
Ah, ok. Looks like you need to do:
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prefect agent local start --api http://<ADDR>:4200
OK, I think this is all set. Thank you Michael.