10/04/2022, 4:33 AM
Hi, i'm a prefect 1.0 user.🤗 We made a program called 'Uploader'(hereinafter referred to as 'uploader')that can be used outside the server, and the function of that program is to record the meta information of the data in the database installed on the server. What I want to do that the prefect flow is executed as soon as the program has finished writing to the database (if the program has performed all the tasks it needs to do). Until now, after the uploader program execution was finished, a person directly executed the prefect flow. There is a way to set this flow as a schedule and run it according to the set schedule regardless of whether the uploader is terminated, but I want to avoid the execution by scheduled because the uploader is not periodically used. What are the appropriate conditions to run the prefect flow automatically after ended the uploader's process? (It's as long as what I wrote above, but...) To summarize, • There is a program(uploader) that works outside the prefect server. • Uploader functions to send data to server by the user and records the program's log and meta information about the data in a specific table of database. • When the execution of uploader is completed, prefect executes flow to preprocess data newly added by the user. • (As-is) When the uploader's task is completed, someone starting the flow of the prefect directly. • I would like to avoid scheduling the flow because the uploader is not used periodically, if we can do it. Isn't there any way out to executing the flow automatically after than end of uploader process?
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Rob Freedy

10/04/2022, 2:40 PM
Hey @wonsun!! You can kick off a flow run using the API as desrcribed here. If you are able to make an API request to Prefect after your Uploader process is done, then you be able to kick off a flow run.


10/04/2022, 11:36 PM
Thanks rob! I'll try to make an API request ❤️