Hi. I have now tried the Slack notifications a cou...
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Hi. I have now tried the Slack notifications a couple of times without success, and therefore ask the community to get some help. I have setup a app in our slack - and the webhook by running the generated curl command to write to a slack channel. and it works fine From what i’ve read, i am supposed to use the same webhook-url in the setting in the prefect URL when i select a notification through Slack. However, nothing happens when a flow fails! and if I instead try to be notified through e-mail it works as expected. Do you have any recommandation on what to do? its’ difficult to troubleshoot the slack notification since they just happens behind the scene..
Using prefect cloud, and prefect 2.4.2
Hey @Daniel Sääf! Can you share how you set up the Slack notification in 2.0? I am sure you have seen this, but just posting this document here just in case.
Yeah, i saw that. I think i follow the instructions and the strange thing is that the notification showed up today. So i will see if it works now - before trouble-shooting it further. Thank you for your replay
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