Christian Juhl

10/03/2022, 6:54 PM
Hi all, In Prefect 2, is it possible to schedule a deployment flow with custom input parameters for each schedule in UI/CLI? Or do I need to create a deployment for each set of parameters? Thanks!
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Rob Freedy

10/04/2022, 2:25 PM
Hey @Christian Juhl!! I would recommend checking out this documentation as well as this page. You can override the default values from a deployment of a flow, but in order to have multiple schedules with different parameter values for each schedule, I believe you would have to create multiple deployments.

Christian Juhl

10/04/2022, 3:15 PM
Thanks Rob, I checked those out already, and since the pages don't mention it, I thought maybe someone would know another way to do it. Would be nice to have, since I find it annoying having to create/maintain multiple deployments for different parameters.

Jarvis Stubblefield

10/05/2022, 7:42 PM
@Christian Juhl I find it odd that I have to maintain multiple deployments for the same “Flow” just with different parameters. My flows operate on the same schedule, but the parameters change per customer that I’m running the flow for.
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I guess once it is setup, it’s not a big deal. Might make sense to use a Python Deployment where I can iterate through the parameters and “apply” the deployment for each while changing the name for each customer or something.
Just what I’ve thought of so far.