Hi Prefect team. Apart from the issues mentioned b...
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Hi Prefect team. Apart from the issues mentioned before by Krzysztof and Thomas, we also see that some flows are not actually executed. It seems so from the parent flow, with a duration of 30 seconds, and the next dependent flows are triggered, but we cannot find the flow run when accessing the child flow directly. Besides, the UI shows both a “success” and a “failed” status
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Hi Alberto. It looks like this is a symptom of the same issue being reported for Cloud 1. The team is looking into it.
It looks like the issue is resolved on our side. Are you seeing flows and tasks running ok?
This morning we identified an internal issue which was impacting our database performance. We have since resolved the issue and are continuing to monitor our systems to ensure performance returns to an optimal state. We are updating our cloud status page as the matter progresses. If you continue to see issues in your workflows, please share any affected flow run IDs or task run IDs. We will report them to our engineering team, so that they can review the errors in more detail.
Thank you @Jeff Hale, we ran a small test with a few flows and it looks good, tomorrow we will launch the big one
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Hi @Jeff Hale, just wanted to confirm everything is working fine today, thanks again for your comments
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Hi @Jeff Hale, we had the same issue today, during all day (at least for the last 9 hours) and still ongoing. We haven’t seen this issue in the Prefect status web, and we haven’t noticed because our checks are also triggered by Prefect, which marked them as success although they weren’t triggered. Therefore, we have 2 questions, if you can kindly help us: 1. How can we get notified of this issues? 2. When will this be solved definitely?
Hey @Alberto Fernández Zazo, We'll follow up with you through your support case to address this. For outages you can subscribe for notifications through Prefect.status.io.