Just published a new collection that allows monito...
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Just published a new collection that allows monitoring the prefect server using opentelemetry. This is an initial version that publishes trace only at the moment on the server. https://pypi.org/project/prefect-opentelemetry/ github project https://github.com/davzucky/prefect-opentelemetry The next steps are • Add metrics • Enable Agent to support OTEL • Create a block for OTEL • Create a custom task that would generate traces on the run (Would be nice to be able o add plugins) on flow or task to do that. Please share your feedback
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This is awesome @davzucky! Thank you for taking a shot at creating this.
Thanks so much for contributing this! It will be very cool to have OpenTelemetry next to OpenMetadata in the list of our open-source integrations. To everyone reading this, please give @davzucky repo a well-deserved GitHub star! 🌟
Sweet! cc @Chris Guidry