hey all. Question about the `INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR...
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hey all. Question about the
and prefect's secret client throwing the
. I know there is a current intermittent issue in regards to retrieving secrets. We pass our secrets to the dask worker via the docker container so we aren't using the prefect secrets stored in the UI. However we are still getting this error and it has brought down multiple flows this morning. The error, other information and questions will be in the threads. Thank you in advance!
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The stack trace
We do pass the
as a decorator to our tasks to notify failures in our slack channel. Does this use the prefect secret in the UI behind the scenes and could be the reason we are seeing this error?
We set up some automations when a flow enters in a success or failed state, it uses the
in the Prefect Secrets to send this message to our slack channel. Would this bring down the entire flow though?
Hi Andrew, we just deployed a fix that should alleviate the secret issue. So hopefully that is not a problem anymore, please let us know if it is. To answer your question, yes, I think a failure in the flow from the secret could have been the reason for the error.
thank you @Jeff Hale for the response! I will let you know if we see this error again. have a great weekend
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You too!