And now I have the error telling me to install adl...
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And now I have the error telling me to install adlfs even though it is in the EXTRA_PIP_PACKAGES env variable.
Hey @James Constable! Are you able to share how you are setting the env variable in the pod's chart and also the full stack trace of the error?
Hi James, do you have the EXTRA_PIP_PACKAGES in your job spec for your deployment?
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that would be in your deployment, not in the helm chart
Hey Chris, is EXTRA_PIP_PACKAGES something I specify in the helm release values? Having troubles finding where it is. Using AKS & Blob Storage
It depends on where you want your packages - for flows it should be in the job template you use to register your deployment
if you’re adding it to the agent / server images, it would go under ENV
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Thanks, Chris! I wasn't able to locate the env variable (I assumed it'd be located here), but I managed to get it working by specifying the variable in the kubernetes job block:
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While not a perfect solution (as I omitted about 8 other packages in the above code snippet), it works for now (albiet with a ~minute delay prior to running the flow bc. of the required package installations)