I'm seeing some odd behavior in the Cloud UI that ...
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I'm seeing some odd behavior in the Cloud UI that is not happening locally. I have
installed locally. For example, if I create the deployments
all under the flow name
, I can go to my local UI, clicked on "Flows" and then "Foo", and I see those deployments. But in the Prefect Cloud 2.0 UI, if I go to "Flows" and click on "Foo", no deployments appear! They do appear if I click on deployments. Is this the expected behavior of the UI? (i.e. is there some criteria for a flow deployment to appear on the flow page?)
Thanks for reporting! This does not sound correct. cc @Jake Kaplan
This does not occur in your local Orion UI?
Will try to repro this
It happened once locally, but unfortunately I don''t have all the details. I may have been running a different version. The only thing I am certain of, is that the last thing I did to fix the problem locally was that I had to completely close my browser tabs pointed at the UI (refreshing wasn't good enough).
Ah that makes it seem like more of a UI issue than an API issue.
If you have trouble reproducing, I can try to create a minimal set of repro code, but it would take a while (have to rewrite to get rid of references to our proprietary stuff)
With the Prefect Cloud UI, I tried the same trick with closing my browser tabs completely and going back in, but this time it didnt work.
Also I just noticed, that in the UI, if I delete the flow, the deployments still appear there on the Deployments page.
Hi @David Cupp - thanks for reporting this. If you're feeling technical can you check the network tab in the developer console? You should see a filter call with details of your deployments. You should be able to see what is returned with the preview or response tab. If you're not feeling technical can you try a hard refresh ctrl+shift+r?
I'm a backend developer. Is the "developer console" a chrome thing?
Fair enough! Let me do a quick video for you.
command+option+J ?
I see this in the console:
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api.prefect.cloud/api/accounts/91e68e1c-599c-4658-b45d-164a9b5b4b2e/workspaces/a21210a4-02f9-4cb1-9a16-ab26e6cd9172/flows/5fdef49a-c5dc-450d-9b61-63a9a2aa1811:1          Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
@Jenny I was able to reproduce this for Cloud2. The page (flows -> deployments) will only display deployments that have flow runs scheduled (the filter looks this:
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  "flows": {
    "id": {
      "any_": [
  "flow_runs": {
    "expected_start_time": {
      "after_": "2022-09-22T04:00:00.000Z",
      "before_": "2022-10-01T03:59:59.999Z"
  "offset": 0,
  "limit": 200
if the deployment doesn't have a schedule (or no runs have been scheduled yet) nothing will come back The other deployments page has no filter on it.
A ha! That will be it. Thanks @Jake Kaplan. We can get a fix for that.
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