It is possible to run the agent in 2.0 in a python...
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It is possible to run the agent in 2.0 in a python file instead of doing
prefect agent start  --work-queue blabla
We currently don’t support that. Is there a reason that you want to run the agent in a Python file?
I am able to set supervisor to run the agent properly but then when i trigger flows in the UI it is not using the virtual environment and it is using the global python runtime.
That is not the expected behavior. Are you using virtualenv?
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/home/ubuntu/project/env/bin/prefect agent start --work-queue "my queue"
this is qhat i have in the supervisor file
and i don't wan to install al the dependencies globally to make it work
i added environment=PATH=... and it seems to work now. the whole reason why i was asking about python agent execution instead of bash was because with prefect 1.0 ive never had to worry about those environments i just executed the python file with the right path to the environment and that was it
thanks for the help
I’m curious which infrastructure you are using?