hi there, are there any examples of using FilterTa...
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hi there, are there any examples of using FilterTasks in prefect 2.0? haven't found anything in the docs regarding these, so wondering if the path changed or if they were removed entirely
Hi Nick, in 2.0 this is now handled with pure python. Here's an article that may be helpful to you.
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ahhhh, yeah that makes a lot of sense, thanks!
to follow up here, given that we can just use the python builtins in flow methods, why is the
method still around for tasks, instead of just using the builtin?
just to that we can still group parent/child tasks together for retries?
We’re planning on collapsing tasks submitted with
in the UI view, it’s also more performant as we submit all of the tasks concurrently which is nontrivial to do in a synchronous flow.
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