Prefect 2.x should expand the documentation regard...
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Prefect 2.x should expand the documentation regarding production deployments. Such as for kubernetes jobs. Currently it's a lot of tinkering and digging trying to uncover and get everything to work. Way more then with the first prefect.
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Thank you for the feedback! We’ve recently grown our recipes for production deployments and will keep adding to it, as well as enhancing our core docs. Additionally, @Anna Geller has created this GitHub repo and this Discourse topic with many deployment patterns. Are there particular deployment patterns with Kubernetes that you’re looking for? Other folks feel free to chime in here, too. 🙂
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agree with you both, we need to do a better job of guiding through that process, the repo Jeff shared is my attempt to start this. Right now, I'm in the process of building a more realistic example of building a data platform on top of Prefect using a.o. Snowflake and dbt, so hopefully, by the end of the year, this will look much better 🤞 we also have this wonderful repo with tons of helpful recipes: