Hi Prefect Experts - Im running 1.X of Prefect and...
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Hi Prefect Experts - Im running 1.X of Prefect and run into the dreaded
"No heartbeat detected from the remote task"
issue a few times and its well documented here to consult https://discourse.prefect.io/t/flow-is-failing-with-an-error-message-no-heartbeat-detected-from-the-remote-task/79.
I didn’t see it explicitly stated, but is setting
flow.run_config = UniversalRun(env={"PREFECT__CLOUD__HEARTBEAT_MODE": "thread"})
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heartbeat_mode = "thread" # ['process', 'thread', 'off']
supported when running Prefect on premise
I think the second option will work if you have that config file on the same machine as your agent
I think the first is clearer, though.
Thanks, I just wanted to confirm it wasn’t only respected when running cloud.
I guess I should have looked at the settings first.
Ah yes the ‘cloud’ key applies to both backends
It’s a holdover from before server was split out and open sourced and remains for backwards compatibility.