I'm hoping to View Flow Runs by Deployment. (or wh...
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I'm hoping to View Flow Runs by Deployment. (or when I click a Deployment, see a list of past / upcoming flow runs). Is this an outdated way of thinking about these flows? The power of the UI seems limited to me now, only showing a Deployment's config, but I'd also like to view its run history. Anybody have some advice? Related to: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/5968 and UI Improvements https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/5917
Hi @Kevin Wang - thanks for the feedback. Are you on Prefect Cloud or OSS? There’s now a runs tab in the deployment page in Prefect Cloud and that will be added in OSS in our next release.
I’m in mobile so apologies for the not great quality picture.
Any feedback about what else you’d like to see are always welcome!
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You can also filter by deployments on the flow runs page and add additional time and state filters there.
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Amazing! Thanks @Jenny.. I am on 2.4.0 OSS. I just found the announcement by Anna, and the feature addition: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/pull/6721 I think that deserved some screenshot in the announcement 😉 . Excited to try it!
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Found your nice Loom video on this too! This addition makes 'custom flow run names' request less urgent. But in that Flow Runs view, I think it would still be nice to have the Deployment name. Along with the auto-generated name 'blue-firebat', show the Deployment in that cell. (maybe toggleable if you don't want to clutter the list) Additions start to make it more like a table w/ columns.
https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/6951 For tracking the deployment name request. You could also filter by deployment and then you'd only see runs associated with that.