Is there anything comparing Prefect 1.0 vs 2.0 con...
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Is there anything comparing Prefect 1.0 vs 2.0 concepts? Are 2.0 work queues roughly equivalent to 1.0 projects?
HI Stephen, We have an entire slew of documentation on discourse and youtube targeting this exact question.

Work queues are just a way to isolate your data and runs. In that sense, they can be similar to projects, For setting up dev, uat, prod, it depends on your infrastructure setup. One common way is to use deployments , and infrastructure blocks
An infrastructure block can be created with one set of storage, and executing infrastructure, with parameters / overrides, and another infrastructure block with another set (dev, vs prod). Then creating a flow run from one or the other would execute against that environment
Ok, so it’s possible to have three separate environments running without 3 separate workspaces?
We’re on 1.0 and use projects to separate environments.
I’d like to move to 2.0 without complete upheaval. Looking for the most graceful way without having 3 separate workspaces.
From the data / execution side, absolutely.