Nikhil Jain

09/16/2022, 6:47 PM
We are getting a flow failure with this message:
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Submitted for execution: Task arn:aws:ecs:us-west-2:<>:task/prod-prefect-cluster/c01a3ca13b3741a89e58b6c33dda0671
INFO prefect-server.Lazarus.FlowRun Rescheduled by a Lazarus process. This is attempt 1.
Any tips on how to debug this? I can’t find the logs for these tasks in cloudwatch.
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Rob Freedy

09/19/2022, 2:14 PM
Hey @Nikhil Jain!! The Lazarus process helps with retrying failures that are caused by infrastructure issues in general. Are there any other logs to share from either the flow or the agent?